Why Would an Insurance Claim Be Denied After a Car Accident?

Posted on Monday, February 20th, 2023 at 8:49 pm    

Why Would An Insurance Claim Be Denied After A Car Accident

Car accidents can be traumatic and costly. Unfortunately, even when accident victims have car insurance, there may be times when insurance companies deny their claims. It can be incredibly frustrating to be in an accident that was not your fault, only to find out that you won’t get the compensation you need to repair your car or cover medical bills. This blog post will examine why an insurer may deny your claim after a car accident in Washington.

You Didn’t Report the Accident in a Timely Fashion

One of the most common reasons an insurer may deny your claim is that a claimant didn’t report the accident promptly. If you wait too long to report the accident, the insurance company can use this as an excuse to deny your claim. The best way to keep an insurer from denying your claim is to contact the insurance company as soon as possible after the accident. Remember to provide the insurer with all the necessary information, including the time and place of the accident, any contact information for other parties, and other relevant details. 

You Were at Fault for the Accident

If the insurance company believes you were at fault for the accident, they may deny your claim. This is especially true if they can prove you were negligent or reckless. To make their determination, the insurer will review the police report and witness statements and investigate the scene to determine who was responsible. If the insurer determines you were at fault, they will likely deny your claim.

The Other Driver Was Underinsured

Sometimes, an insurance company can deny a claim if the other driver involved in the car accident is underinsured. This means that even though the other driver was at fault for the accident, they do not have enough insurance coverage to cover the losses resulting from the accident. In this case, it’s important to speak with a Washington car accident attorney who can help you explore other options for recovering compensation.

You Didn’t Get a Medical Evaluation or a Relevant Diagnosis

An insurance company might deny an injury claim if the claimant did not seek medical attention promptly after the accident. It is essential to see a doctor following any car accident, even if you don’t think you were injured. In some cases, people who have been in a crash may not recognize the symptoms of their injury until days or weeks later. When an insurance company finds out that a claimant did not visit a medical professional after an accident, they may assume that the person was not seriously injured and deny the claim. In addition, medical records can provide proof of an injury and document the extent of the damage, which can support your claim. It can improve your chances of receiving a settlement for your injuries and losses.

The Insurer Denied the Claim in Bad Faith

Insurers must act in good faith when handling claims. This means they must thoroughly review the claim and consider all factors before denying it. If an insurance company denies a claim without considering all the facts or fails to give a valid reason for the denial, they may be acting in bad faith. In this case, the claimant may have to pursue other avenues for legal recourse, such as taking the matter to court. For this reason, professional advice from a car accident attorney is advisable after being injured in an accident. 

How a Washington Car Accident Attorney Can Help

How A Washington Car Accident Attorney Can HelpIf you’ve been in a car accident, you might feel overwhelmed, frustrated, and unsure of what to do next. A qualified Washington car accident attorney can help you navigate the complexities of filing a claim and seek the compensation you deserve. They can provide expert legal advice and guide you through appealing your insurance claim if necessary. Your attorney can also assist with negotiations with the insurance company and fight for a fair settlement. Most importantly, they can protect your rights as an accident victim and fight for the compensation and justice you deserve.

Speak With a Lakewood, WA, Car Accident Lawyer

If you’ve been in a car accident, it’s crucial to get the advice of an experienced attorney as soon as possible. A qualified Lakewood, WA, car accident lawyer can help you review your insurance claim and protect your rights. At The Law Offices of Briggs & Briggs, our team of experienced attorneys is here to help you through the legal process. We will review your case and provide you with options to move forward. Call us today at (253) 588-6696 for a legal consultation to discuss your claim.

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