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I was happy with both times

I have used Briggs and Briggs twice and have been very pleased with the service received and outcome both times. Shawn Briggs and his team worked hard to close my case and obtained settlements I was happy with both times. I highly recommend using this office and their services.

Posted by Katie Ellis on Google

So helpful and easy to talk to

Shawn and his team were so helpful and easy to talk to. I was only a teenager when I got into one of the worst accidents of my life. He relentlessly fought for me and they handled my case quickly as possible. I couldn’t have asked for a better team to help me through such a difficult time in my life.

Posted by Lindsey Allotta on Google

Very Friendly

I had a very pleasant experience with Briggs and Briggs. Very friendly. Answered all my questions. Thank you

Posted by Clifford Benton on Google

Shawn is absolutely amazing

Shawn is absolutely amazing! I highly recommend him to any one that needs a honest, knowledgable personal injury attorney. From the beginning to the end, Shawn and his team always kept me informed with everything that was happening with my case. If ever I didn't understand something or had questions, someone was always available during business hours to talk to me. His staff is very friendly and on top of it! I could not have asked for a better attorney to represent me. I would definitely use Shawn again if needed.

Posted by Angel Garcia on Google

I am so very grateful for the work

I would like to thank Mr Briggs and his very knowledgeable staff for their time and effort on our accident case. As I was the passenger, having little to no experience dealing with other car insurance companies, I became frustrated fast. My medical bills were growing and with no cooperation from the other insurance company, we went to Mr Briggs. He listened and agreed to take on our case. From beginning to end, all his staff were great in answering that arose. I am so very grateful for the work this law office did for my friend and I. I would recommend Mr Briggs to anyone I know. Lori

Posted by Lori Nelson on Google

Best accident and injury attorney

I was rear ended by a man in a pickup truck and suffered injuries to my shoulder and eye. After a few surgeries, I asked Mr. Briggs to represent me in a lawsuit. He did an excellent job and through his efforts I had my medical bills paid for, and also received monetary awards for my injuries. He also helped me get money from my own insurance company for the underinsured accident policy I had for years. I now know why people consider Briggs and Briggs the best accident and injury attorney in Puget Sound.

Posted by Joel Frederickson on Google

Very Knowledgable

I was in a car wreck a few years ago as a teenager and my mom & I hired Shawn to take my case. He and the staff at Briggs & Briggs are very knowledgable in what they do and I am VERY happy with the outcome of my settlement. This was my first time ever working with a lawyer and it was kind of stressful at first because I didn't know where to start or what to do but Shawn and his staff helped tremendously by keeping us updated on important dates and basically answered all my questions and concerns before I had a chance to ask and it made this process waaaaay easier. I will now recommend this place to my friends & family

Posted by Jordan Firth on Google

Personable, Sincere, Straightforward and Realistic

Shawn is an excellent attorney to work with. He is a personable, sincere, straightforward and realistic person who works very hard to help you get optimum results. Shawn will "go the extra mile" to help you when he can. I very highly recommend him for anyone who needs a personal injury attorney. You won't be disappointed - I'm sure. Ms. Scottie Kelly-Curtis

Posted by Mitchell Curtis on Google

Good Advice

Mr. Briggs was extremely kind and honest. I appreciated the callback. He was the first attorney to speak to me personally.

Posted by Stephanie S. on AVVO
March 24, 2018

So thankful

I hired Shawn Briggs and his Law Firm two years ago after I was rear-ended and the insurance company was denying my claim. Mr. Briggs is so personal and also professional at the same time his staff was always available when I needed to speak to one of them. Words cannot express how thankful I am, my claim went from being denied to Mr. Briggs getting all my medical paid and also getting the insurance to agree it was not my fault. The staff is amazing and take you under their wing, you feel very protected and stress free. Thank you so much, if you need a good attorney Briggs and Briggs is an excellent law firm.

Posted by Victoria on AVVO
January 16, 2018

Best in the business

I hired Mr. Briggs after I got into an accident over a year ago. He listened to everything I had to say and immediately went to work on my case. Both him and his staff were very helpful and kept me well informed every step of the way. I was very satisfied with the outcome of it all!

Posted by anonymous on AVVO
October 18, 2017

Excellent representation and results

Legal cases take time and the work of a good lawyer on your behalf -- with good results -- makes it worth the wait. Shawn Briggs represented us well with professionalism, confidence and excellence without being haughty. And we were exceedingly pleased with the outcome of our case. We highly recommend Mr. Briggs because of his depth of knowledge, impressive expertise, and years of experience as a downright good lawyer.

Posted by Ed on AVVO
August 31, 2017

My husband’s and my lawyer for our Car Accident

The day after our car accident which took place on our way to work, my husband and I met with Shawn Briggs and his staff. Our journey through the rigors of sorting through the fall-out from a serious car accident began. Mr. Brigg's office guided us through our medical needs while he, himself, tackled the legal ramifications. I especially appreciated Mr. Briggs professional coverage on the day of our depositions. I felt like I was next to the "Master" during these moments of high stress. His experience in these matters was almost like a "warm blanket" that day while being questioned for 2 1/2 hours in a very cold-like legal environment. Thank you Shawn and your staff for your excellence and expertise in our case. Laurie Winkle

Posted by Laurel on AVVO
August 30, 2017

Greatest Lawyer Ever!

Shawn Briggs and his team have done an outstanding job with my case and my daughters case! Made it so easy and stress free! Jenny, paralegal was so kind and helpful and always available with answers when I had questions!

Posted by Rocio on AVVO
August 22, 2017

Amazing, Efficient, and Excellent work!

Jenny is a complete sweetheart that gives you updates as soon as you need them. She is willing to go the extra mile to make sure that any of your questions are answered, and I definitely appreciate that a lot! Shawn is also amazing with negotiating and his work! The other insurance decided that they only wanted to pay $13,000 which Shawn did not agree with, so we filed a lawsuit against them for more money. They ended up settling to pay out the maximum for their insurance, but Shawn was determined that that was still not enough for the accident that was caused, so he negotiated with my insurance company to get more. My PIP reimbursement ($5,000) was completely waived, I received $25,400 from the other insurance, and $20,000 from my insurance. The whole process took only a matter of 2-3 months after being discharged from the doctors and they received all of my medical chart. I'm currently just waiting on my final settlement check to go through now, but should receive it within the next 2-3 weeks. I couldn't be any more happier with the end results and will definitely recommend using them to anyone interested in looking for lawyer.

Posted by Francine on AVVO
November 16, 2016

Extended Care

I wasn’t expecting too much because of the circumstances of the accident. I explained everything to Shawn as I could remember it knowing there were questions I could not answer. Looking back after the resolution of this case it was very clear that the level of his investigation of this incident and time spent preparing was much more than I had expected. I was also amazed at the abilities of his staff. How they worked together and how I was treated as his client. To say I was very happy would be a gross understatement.

Posted by Lew on AVVO
May 19, 2015

Outstanding service

Shawn Briggs has handled cases for both me and my wife with outstanding results and satisfaction. Both he and his staff are very friendly and approachable. They take good care of they're clients. Highly recommended.

Posted by Christopher Scime on AVVO
February 19, 2015

highest recommendation

Mr. Briggs was highly competent and effective on my PI case. He knows the local judges and defense attorneys. He does not cut corners on service. He kept me informed. He was very fair on his compensation. He earned my complete trust - perhaps my highest complement.

Posted by William on AVVO
February 11, 2015


I am very thankful for the excellent service from Shawn and his associates at Briggs & Briggs. They were very professional and helpful with my case. I never had to worry about anything with them on the job. He only had my best interests at heart and went above and beyond to make sure everything was handled properly. I was always promptly informed of any and everything that went on involving my case. I am very pleased with his team.

Posted by Desmond on AVVO
January 22, 2015

Continued Satisfaction

I have used Briggs and Briggs for about 14 years now and they have never failed to meet all of my expectations. When an issue is not part of their practice Shawn has always referred myself and friends to the appropriate and reputable counselor.

Posted by Lou on AVVO
August 5, 2014

Outstanding Lawyer

In summer 09 i was in a car accident, i was rear ended by the driver of a well-known taxi company. Our first lawyer took the case and worked on it for several months before just giving up completely. Hhe we was always giving me the run around. Briggs and Briggs took over. Shawn Briggs and his crew actually knew what they were doing and how to handle this case. They took care of all aspects of my claim. They kept me informed and up to date. They were compassionate and caring and non judgmental. They pretty much guaranteed a win and did everything in their power to get me as much money as possible. I am happy to say we won our case in August 2011. They deserve 100 stars. thank you Briggs and Briggs.

Posted by Ariel B. on AVVO
August 27, 2011

Hard working lawyer for his clients.

Mr Briggs and his team worked real hard to get me a reasonable setttlement, that I would have no way recieved if I would have been on my own. He fought hard and kept me informed as things progressed. He helped me not to get frustrated and ussured he would put all his effort in to my case. He was really knowledgeable on how the insurence company thinks. Thank You so much Mr. briggs and his team. If ever needed I will use you again.

Posted by Jim on AVVO
April 26, 2010

Simply the Best!

He worked hard to get me what I deserved after a kid pulled out in front of me and totaled my car and sent me to the hospital. He also fought the insurance company from taking most of the money from the settlement. He kept me informed the whole time and even sent me things in the mail so I didn't have to keep going to his office to sign papers. So over all he fights hard for you and makes things as easy as possible for you.

Posted by Evan on AVVO
December 9, 2009