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Tips for Finding a Car Accident Lawyer in Tacoma, WA

When you get injured in a car wreck, after seeking medical attention, you should contact a car accident lawyer. Finding the right auto accident attorney in Tacoma, WA may be one of the most important decisions for your car wreck case.


When searching for a truck accident attorney, look for one with experience in your type of case. Not all vehicle accidents involve another vehicle. There are many animals and obstacles that can cause an accident.

Client Reviews and References

If possible, look at the client reviews of the personal injury attorney. Reviews could be on their website on from a search engine. Many people will seek legal references from friends, family, and coworkers.

Disciplinary Issues

Always check your state’s bar association to ensure their license to practice law is still valid, and there are no disciplinary issues. Be careful, though; not all disciplinary issues mean the wrongful death lawyer is not a good fit for you. A complaint does not mean there was any misconduct. Some disciplinary issues are for failure to pay their bar dues. Feel free to discuss this with your attorney if you have any questions.


Your comfort level with a law office or an attorney is important. Talk to the attorney and the staff to ensure you are comfortable discussing sensitive or emotional topics with the firm.

The Law Office of Briggs and Briggs welcomes any questions or concerns and will work tirelessly to make sure that your case is handled appropriately and expeditiously.